UX guidelines for enterprise web apps – part 1: This is the default value. Set this property to bypass caching, causing all partitions to actively listen for query notifications. This section shows the connection string that you’ll most likely use when setting up an Analysis Services connection in commonly used applications. Exceptions are called out in the description.

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Exceptions are called out in the description. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Binary format encodes XML elements and attributes, making them smaller. If msoalp connection does not succeed within this period, the client quits trying to connect and generates an error.

Client libraries (data providers) used for Analysis Services connections

Determines how long, in milliseconds, the commit phase of a currently running command waits before rolling back. Set this property to control how members are aggregated when dimension security is applied.

mxolap In PHP, the same can be done via the sqlsrv extension. In our case, this will be MDX multidimensional expressions.

Specify a comma-delimited list of predefined roles to connect to a server or database using permissions conveyed by that role.


The server process can get the client identity. When set on the connection string, this value applies to the cube or perspective level.

Connection string properties (Analysis Services) | Microsoft Docs

When set to null or 0, automatic synchronization is turned off. As such, it covers just a subset dobc the available properties. If set to False, the cube file is overwritten.

Aliases for this property include sspropinitAppNameAppName. Obviously, the main drawback of this approach is being restricted to Windows Authentication.

The following example does everything needed including dropping the linked server after the query had been performed.

The default value is False.

How to obtain the latest versions of MSOLAP

Note This approach only works if you use Windows Authentication to connecto to the msolzp and the corresponding user account has access to the osbc in SSAS. You must use a client library on the connection if using binary or compressed format.

UX guidelines for enterprise web apps – part 1: The R2 version supports Power Pivot workbooks and sometimes needs to be installed manually on SharePoint servers. The Windows identity of the caller is used to connect to Analysis Services. This helps reduce the number of round trips to the server. Alias for Password is PWD.

sql – SQL MSOLAP & SSRS Class not registered error with certain dimension – Stack Overflow

Email Required, but never shown. On mxolap Analysis Services connection, putting credentials on the command line is used only when the server is configured for HTTP access, and you specified Basic authentication instead of integrated security on the IIS virtual directory. Error generates an error when a member does not exist.


The client identity can be odbd, but only when the connection is established, and not on every call. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Use when an end user identity must be impersonated on the server.

Indicates the level of impersonation that the server is obdc to use when impersonating the client. However, if you store this information in the connection string, this information does need to be encrypted and secured. SAP UI5 data tables compared: In my blog I would like to share some experience in using modern web technologies for business applications.