Scanning Documents Scanning Documents Perform the following procedure in order to use this machine to scan documents. Page Press the key to select Back and press the Enter key. Press the Status and press the Enter key. This manual also for: Reporting the End of Copying This function notifies you by e-mail when copying has been finished. Canceling Jobs Perform the following procedure to cancel both print jobs and scan jobs that have not yet been processed.

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The Zoom Entry screen is displayed. It offers an affordable imaging system that is eco-friendly. Press the key or the key to adjust the copy exposure and press the Enter key.

Default Original Size You can change the default original size to kkm-1815 more frequently used one.

Kyocera KM-1815 Advanced Operation Manual

Note The current exposure mode and the original quality mode settings will not change. The scanned image is attached with the e-mail. Scanner Page This section includes settings that apply to the scanning function of the machine, such as default scan resolution or original placement.

Copying Functions Copying Functions This chapter explains the following topics: Using Collate Mode Multiple originals can be scanned into memory in a single operation and the desired number of copy sets created.


Press the press the Enter key. Placement screen is displayed. The proceeding step is to take out the old toner container carefully.

Printing The Service Pages Lists information on the settings and environments of use for this machine. Press the hour and press the Press the minute and press the Press the second.

Canceling Jobs During Pausing Note If you want to cancel another job, repeat steps 3 through 6.

Lcd Contrast Adjusting the Contrast of Message Display Perform the following procedure to adjust the contrast of the message display to any one of the 7 available levels. The borderline of each original can also be marked with a solid line or a dotted line. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Extensive envelope printing can cause premature printer wear. In the metric system the standard quantity is 1 square meter.

Press the original and press the Enter key. Enter the first segment of the IP address.

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Many users of the printer kycera lamented that this is one of the most user friendly printers that they have come across. Using the Platen with Combine Mode The following explains how to make copies with the combine modes when the document processor is not installed.


Once you have finished verifying the settings, press the Enter key. When you finish cleaning put the pins correctly in place inside the machine and move the process unit back into its original position until it stops moving. Perform the following procedure to have a report sent to selected e-mail address which notifies you when scanned data has been attached to and sent by e-mail.

The factory default setting for Auto Error Clear is Off. The Common Setting screen is displayed.


kyocer The message display shows Completed and returns to the Copy Expo. Adhesive-Backed Labels The basic rule for printing on adhesive labels is that the adhesive must never come into contact with any part of the machine. The default exposure is Manual. There is an update that can be used to fix this code. Page 0 and Press the Start key to start scanning.

Photo Processing Method Photo Processing Method Use the following procedure to select the method for processing copies of photographs.