HP Officejet Pro c – printer – color – ink-jet caabb. I hope that someway you can be repaid for your good advice. The odds are extremely good that your printing problem is caused by ink build up in the service station. If the problem persists, first, make sure that the computer-printer cable is good and connected solidly on both ends. I purchased my office jet pro C in and have never experienced any problems since day one. On both my machines there is a horrible noise and vibration at this point.

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It was a good machine but not immortal.

HP Officejet Pro 1150c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

Hi Bert Many thanks for your service station cleaning advice!! I Have two questions: Hi Bert, Hpc gives scanner bulb failure message. I may have traced it to a worn dog clutch activator. I can not thank you enough.

I officenet its performance and I don’t want to get new due to no more quality control. It is a non specific error for a failed internal assembly, either a cable or electronics.

Thanks for the response, but cleaning these rollers did not help. After this procedure didn’t work, he said that was all he could do and that I would xxp to take it to a service facility – he recommended Radio Shack – and pay for repairs.


Again, thank you much for your post. Message says to turn green knob to release scanner 1150c power off and on, but that doesn’t fix it – scanner knob is not in transport lock position.

Power Device Voltage Required Margin. I have the same question 7. I bought it at an auction 6 years ago officejett next to nothing and have tried a couple other ones in those years but always go back to it. Thanks a lot for your help. HP H Pro c – printer – color – ink-jet caacs.

I have replaced the color cartridge times, but no luck. If the printer has fed multiple sheets of paper, pull paper out of the center of the stack to relieve the pressure and then slowly pull the paper out of the feed rollers. It seems as though there is something inside the printer itself xxp is causing the new cartridges to pool this ink and not print correctly.

HP Officejet Pro c – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

Even though you posted this solution 4 years ago, you have been a God sent!!! I bought an cxi that is new but sitting in a box for over 10 years at an auction. Multifunction printer – ink-jet – color. I took it in and out a few times. The odds are extremely good that your printing problem is caused by ink build up in the service station. Hello, I have an HP officejet pro cxi and I have the same problem with the display stating; cartridge carrier blocked, turn power on and off I have repaired lots of these and once the rollers are properly cleaned and reconditioned, they always pick up paper.


Looking for a tech bargain real soon? It is yours for free if you find a way to get it since I am located in Monterrey, Mexico.

I did exactly what you said for removing and cleaning the service station and my printer 10 year old printer is again like new. Also the side bars open and then close as if it officejst it has finished printing. In the future px on thread that is specific to your printer!

It’s a little messy so you may want to wear latex gloves. If the cleaning fails to solve the problem replace the scanner lamp. After several hours of “online” chat with an HP guy named Irving I doubt it is his real name!