Actually it cannot dissipate more heat than the power it draws from its power source, the PCM. If you don’t use a resistor you will get a p error code when the computer tries to read the value. It is a signal amplifier that powers the fuel solenoid on your injection pump. The engine will probably start when it’s cold and have a hard time as it gets hot. The latest versions sold by us are the most dependable.

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Some symptoms of a failing PMD are; stalling, xolenoid hard start, hesitation, miss, rough idle, smoke on start up, surge in reverse or drive often from idleand just ONE of these or a combination could be related to the most common part to fail on these engines, the PMD.

In AM General bought the plant and took over production of the 6. While this is true, the solenoir is being caused right after the engine is shut down. Most owners replace the resistor with cooer 9 because it gives them a little more fuel and possibly a little increased performance.

I’m cheap and wanted to save the 30 bucks for the resistor or better yet the bucks for a new PMD. I doubt they use military grade devices in this device! The 5 resistor is considered the “average”.

There are a couple aftermarket PMDs on the market and we’ve tried those newcomer or unproven modules and do not find them to be as good as the Stanadyne units old version or new.

Fuel System Driver – FSD/PMD

One of my customers used a special tweezer with hooked ends to pull the resistor right out. Getting technical, it seems from what I can tell by looking at dolenoid destroyed PMD that the unit is basically a huge set of transistors one of them I believe is a Darlington in which one triggers the other to fire an electrical pulse, and will vary the pulse based on the input from the PCM engine computer.


After a few days the ocoler become more frequent and the truck will be hard to start. Many factory injection pump wiring harnesses are just too short when used with the aftermarket remote PMD mounts that mount on top of the HOT engine. However, that is not the problem with the PMD! Standard length harness is 30″ for mounting PDC on firewall, other lengths are available by special order.

This power is used solely to keep the PCM’s memory alive, and a few key-off tasks and represents a minimal amount of power consumed, none of which is sent to the PMD.

Flash Off-Road has a specially designed heat sink and extension cable that let you remote mount coolfr PMD in a cooler spot. Professionally engineered and manufactured.

Fuel Injection Pump Solenoid-Diesel Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) Bostech PMD | eBay

Extensive testing with thermal, infra-red and other High-Tech testing equipment has shown that for optimal PMD cooling the unit must be off and away from the hot engine, of which also common sense would indicate, so be wary sfd any sites stating that engine mounted PMD coolers are OK.

Others have mounted it near the center of the firewall, near the air inlet in the radiator stack or near the radiator overflow. Take a small screwdriver and push the resistor off the pins. The other end of the scale is military specifications.

The above is worse case design. Make sure the cable locks together. Click here to see our page on our; Invention, Design, Research, Development, Manufacturing and Testingwe feel that we put more effort in to our products and that they are better than any competitors and our customers seem to agree.


Also check the the fuel system coolr solenoid on the injection pump. We are glad to see a much improved product, it was long over due, but better late than never, and we are glad to see some of Coolee design ideas incorporated in to Stanadyne’s new product whether if by imitation or coincidence The internal design has been strengthen along with new technology to ensure that it runs cooler than o.

He cuts off the head and bends the ends out so they will engage the holes in the resistor. The 5 calibration resistor tsd considered the “average”, and solsnoid pump will work with a 5 resistor. In it’s stock location it can over-heat and fail. Add to the issue that you need a good and clean ground the case itself provides some of the grounding!

Cooling fins per PMD area.

An electrical problem here will cause the engine to die. In fact as you can see in the picture the metal in the corner of the PMD cracked off probably because I first put the screwdriver in the sawcut and not between fs PMD and the injection pump. Starting off – the Stanadyne Solenpid injector pump as an overall unit, including the PMD has gone through over 20 revisions since it’s introduction.

You wanted to get rid of those lame stock horns anyway.