Apogee duet 2 and OSx May 22, at 9: The AU Lab Audio input shows no input signal. August 16, at 7: June 28, at And for step number 6 six:

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November 27, at 2: Luckaly I found the Kuwatec virtual loopback driver which works great: Got this to work without a problem, awesome. July 13, at 7: They will be on ebay soon What I am asking for is duft to recommend a great simple audio interface to record using Logic express 8!

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Seems like it’s gunna be hours and hours of work for something that might not work. January 26, at 1: Gunna take weeks to arrive.

July 7, at 1: If you’re still unsure and feel upgrading to Snow Leopard is too much of a risk, sell the Duet 2 and stay on Leopard.


Driver and OSX work well together. Feb 5, 9: October 17, at 2: March 26, at 9: Boom 2 equalisers work for me. max

Apogee duet 2 and OSx Any ideas. – Logic Pro Help

August 29, at 2: This works really well, much better than a 3rd party app. November 2, at 5: NO distortion if you open up the Dynamics processor and tweak mc master gain down so that it stays just below the threshold.

Dan, A few items left out that you may wish to be thinking about… from my experimenting: This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes.

Thursday, August 1, at 8: This way I can compensate a bit for the slight loss of hearing in a specific range in my left ear. December 18, at 5: March 14, at 9: I use line out.

I Accept Privacy Policy. October 18, at 7: I have to restart AU lab to fix it. January 17, at 8: April 19, at Enter your email address below:.


October 18, at 1: Listen to some k audio in iTunes with a good pair of cans with the 31 band equalizer on and you can really tell the difference. Logic pro 9 Os x Feb 3, 7: The SoundFlower app settings should be left at None macc for both 2ch and 64ch.